5 Lesser-known Benefits of Drinking


By Elisa 11

Some people claim that drinking is somehow “harmful to your health”. However, if know how to enjoy, wine or beer will bring you unexpected benefits in work, love and of course health.

Boost job performance

According to The American Journal of Epidemiology, men who hardly ever drink or quit drinking tend to absent themselves from work about 1.2 times as much as those who drink moderately. The study also points out that drinking makes your job performance bear more fruits through alcohol intake. Therefore, if you are stressful for job, try some liquids.

Drinking makes your job performance bear more fruits through alcohol intake

Drinking makes your job performance bear more fruits through alcohol intake

Increase long-term mental health

A study in the New England Journal Of Medicine showed that moderate alcohol use results in better cognitive functioning. But here’a shocker: there were also no considerably increased cognitive risks along with higher levels of drinking. In another word, with acceptable daily alcohol intake, drinkers make their mental strength better than nondrinkers which would be useful for the old.

Make you energetic

It’s unbelievable that non-drinkers are far more depressed than those who often takes some beer, wine. However, this is truth. At first, researchers found it wrong because it included both people who had never started drinking and people who had to stop. But later, the result shows that drinkers feel more energetic to take challenges.

Drinkers feel more energetic to take challenges

Drinkers feel more energetic to take challenges

Let creativity out

When you write something, draw a picture, you may get stuck and feel impossible to come up with new thoughts. Listening to some songs, reading jokes and lesser known drinking a little vodka will let creativity out . In Consciousness and Cognition proposed by a group of scientists, drinking can make loose a person’s focus of attention, making it easier to find links among remotely related ideas.


Drinking makes easier to find links among remotedly related ideas

Strengthen heart

Having a drink or two per day is beneficial to your circulatory system. For example, for wine, you should drink 12 fluid ounces (355 milliliters). For wine, don’t excess 5 fluid ounces (148 milliliters)/. Besides, moderate alcohol use also lessens risks of developing heart disease, especially for adults as well as people who have existing problems such as high cholesterol

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