Absolutely incredible that he is alive: Swedish man , survives in frozen car at -30C


A Swedish man has been pulled barely alive from his snow-covered car having survived on nothing but snow for two months in sub-zero temperatures.

Peter Skyllberg, 44, had eaten nothing but handfuls of snow since December 19 when his car became bogged down in drifts near the town of Umea in northern Sweden.

Pictures of the vehicle’s interior show the dashboard and seats covered in ice after temperatures plunged to -30C.

Igloo effect: Peter Skyllberg somehow survived inside this icebound car for two months by eating handfuls of snow as temperatures plunged as low as -30C




Frozen in: The Swede’s car was found covered in 2ft of snow after getting trapped in drifts on December 19.

‘Absolutely incredible that he is alive.

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