Alcohol’s death

              Alcohol also causes cancer and heart disease, and it wreaks havoc on the liver. In fact, thousands of Australians die every year from cirrhosis and alcohol-related diseases.

The irony is, alcohol is legal, while other much less harmful drugs aren’t.

Of course, not everyone who drinks has a drinking problem. But what of people who can’t control their habit? Is their behaviour genetic or learned? And is a little bit of alcohol better for you than none at all? Still want a drink?

Alcohol de la muerte

                      Imagine a poison so popular that you’re called a wowser or partypooper if you don’t use it. Amazingly, it exists. It’s alcohol. But how much is too much? Can a little be good for you? And does it really rot your brain? Most people who drink want the same thing. And alcohol can give it to them. A recipe for relaxation, alcohol is understood by every culture on earth. Yet alcohol is also a drug of contradictions. It can make us friendly one minute, violent the next. Turn us on, then pull the plug. Promise pleasure but deliver pain. Alcohol is a simple chemical with a complex agenda…

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