Behind the scenes of a sex doll factory

We’ve been amazed by these oddly visceral photographs from an inflatable sex doll factory in China, and now, thanks to Huffington Post, we are now looking at photographs of another sex doll factory in San Marcos, California, that makes customized dolls. These snapshots were taken by Zackary Canepari for a film he co-directs with Drea Cooper. Don’t disturb us, we are disturbed already.

sex doll-1


The insight into what goes on behind the scenes at the factory is frankly, eerie.

Disembodied heads, smiling plastic faces, rows and rows of teeth – it’s almost a true reflection of the seedy fate that awaits them.

The photos are part of photographer Zackary Canepari’s project Love Machines, which was shot at a Californian factory in San Marcos called Abyss Creations. Each of the dolls cost around $7,000 (£4,500) and are customised.

sex doll-2

In the film, Zackary and Drea interview sculptor Matt McCullen, who explains the reasoning behind one Alaskan customer who had ordered the doll and had no companionship.

sex doll-3 sex doll_4 sex doll_5 sex doll_6 sex doll_7


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