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Halloween is probably the favorite holiday of Lady Gaga. Being famous as one among the best known singers in the world, Lady Gaga is also well-known for her crazy and eccentric outfits that many people called them as Halloween costumes, which always make paparazzi and her fans in all parts of the world shocked.

Lady Gaga was named on the top of the list of celebrity Halloween costumes 2011, followed by Kate Middleton and Katy Perry. The variety of Gaga’s crazy and scary outfits made her become popular and her hot Halloween costumes are things that people love to wear this year.

Lady Gaga’s styles feature colorful or blonde wigs and couture fashions. Her clothes are always unique and different from anything we have ever seen. They rank from feathered or ribbon embellished dresses, metallic costumes to one-piece body suits in vinyl or leather. Lady Gaga’s stage appearance always includes unnatural looking wigs, theatrical hats and high heels or thigh boots and her costumes are always a hot topic. Therefore, we can never know what she is going to show us.

Let’s have a look at Lady Gaga hot Halloween Costumes 2011 through photos as following:

Lady Gaga Hair Costume

During HTC and Beats Audio party in Camden, North London last week, the 25-year-old singer donned a wig dress made entirely out of hair, matching black leather gloves, fishnet stockings, towering heels, and especially a massive hairy headpiece.

The Halloween costume of hair uncovers too much Lady Gaga’s skin

The singer’s headpiece looks like a huge hairy mushroom

Lady Gaga Red Lace Costume

Lady Gaga’s red lace costume, which she wore to the MTV VMA ceremony to be presented with an award in front of audiences, may be used by many people who are interested in creating their own Lady Gaga costume for Halloween.

Lady Gaga decked out in red lace that extended over her face

Lady Gaga bloody VMA Costume

During the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards in her hometown of New York City, Lady Gaga hit the stage wearing a white bikini type outfit that was covered with a bloody mess in the center of her stomach. However, she somehow had blood all over her entire body, hands and face during the memorable performance

Lady Gaga performed in a white bikini covered with blood

Lady Gaga Feather Victorian-style costume

Lady Gaga arrived at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards in a uniquely crazy outfit that was bedecked with feathers.

Lady Gaga arrived at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards in a uniquely crazy outfit that was bedecked with feathers.

Lady Gaga Meat Costume

Lady Gaga one of the craziest and most disturbing costumes was the shocking outfit made of meat, matching meat boots and a meat hat that she donned to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

Lady Gaga was covered in meat from head to toe

Lady Gaga was covered in meat from head to toe

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