Catalonia Bans Bullfighting!

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The last fight with the bulls in Catalonia, the traditional term “Corridor”, will be held today in Barcelona in front of sold out arena. It is expected that about 20,000 spectators come to the Monumental arena to see the last corridor before the ban comes into force last year by the Catalan parliament voted.

The prohibition comes into force on 1 January 2012. year, but today is the last bullfight of the season which means that it marks the end of an era.

Industry bullfights and still believes he has a chance to change the opinion of officials and return next year fighting in Catalonia, the only region in Spain, in addition to the Canary Islands, which has banned the sport

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“I think the politicians will think twice and will be continued fighting bulls. I thank God because Catalonia has many fans fight in a democratic country they should be able to watch the bull fights,” said one of the breeders of bulls Praele Moses.

It is expected that sold out show at El Monumental bullring 20,000 spectators attend. The famous matador Jose Tomas Madrid, who retired the 2002nd , will be main event stars.

Even if bullfighting fans fail to re-open El Monumental, in a broader sense the blood is already on the sand. Every year fewer Spaniards went to watch the fight. Number of fights has dropped by 34 percent in the period since 2007. by 2010. year.

Toreador Lopez Simon (Foto: Tanjug)

Arena Las Arenas in Barcelona closed in another 70’s and now the mall.

“I do not know anyone from peers who went to fight. This is not a Catalan tradition, but Andalusian. The fact that the bulls a bad relationship even before the fight should be more important than tradition,” said Lila Gomes.

Younger Spaniards do not know the names of matadors and many are struggling with the rules of combat. Thomas, the most famous “torero”, the only fighter against the bulls in recent years has managed to fill the El Monumental.

Catalonia wrestle for years with Madrid about greater autonomy and rights of the distinct culture and language. Ban bullfighting in Catalonia symbolizes the desire of local politicians to break away from Madrid and its traditions.

Many Catalans Madrid believe that they impose their culture, language and therefore bullfighting. The fighting, however, are the Catalan tradition. This is a “korebusu”, a struggle in which the bull povrgnut stress, but not killed.

Throughout the fight against Spain protests are common. Opponents believe that bullfight tradition of this kind have no place in today’s world where animal abuse is unacceptable.

Bullfighter Francisco Rivera Ordonez ‘Paquirri’ of Spain performs during the first bullfight of the 2011 season after the bullfight ban at the Monumental bullring on June 26, 2011 in Barcelona, Spain. Bullfighting in Catalonia will be banned as of January 1, 2012. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)


A picador spears a bull during the first bullfight. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)



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