Children boxers

In 2011, photographer Sandra Heun went on holiday to Thailand, where he discovered the Thai boxing tournament near Bangkok. Thai Boxing (Muay Thai) is known as “the art of eight limbs”, which is used in most of the body, including the elbows, knees and wrists. In Thailand, Muay Thai is a martial art with centuries of tradition, considered the national sport is so popular that when a big fight is televised, the streets empty.

But what most surprised this photographer is the age of the participants were children as young as eight – Ten Years. For many poor Thai boxing provides a livelihood. Though it is a violent sport, children rarely leave serious injuries as in the case of adults. The winner takes all the money collected from tourists and local spectators.

Children boxers_10

Children who practice Muay Thai can be trained from 4 years. Some are sent by their parents to the training camps for them to get money for the family, others are orphaned or abandoned children and their gym is also your home. The fights are their only means of subsistence and give a portion of the amount of his victories to training camp.

Bank has lost the boxing match against Tountong and is lying uncDespite a few years of life boxers, clashes are so rude as if they were adults. Children are trained to be ferocious and merciless with the opponent, after all, your life depends on the success in the ring.

Fanta, 6 years, after winning a boxing match. Children boxers_3 Boy in a boxing ring during the break. The coach shouts at a boy during the break of the fight.Muay Tha A boy with money in his mouth. After winning the boxing match wi Girl, 6 years, in a boxing ring. Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) is one Spectators at a boxing match. Boys are waiting for the upcoming boxing match.

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