Crazy House: When weird dreams turn into reality!

The architect

Dang Viet Nga

A synopsis

Vietnam based architect Dang Viet Nga had this childhood dream to create an architectural masterpiece that could set a standard in the field of artistic and eccentric structural designs. With this highly ambitious project in mind, Nga created this absolutely beautiful and unusual Crazy house.

Crazy House


Crazy House

The Hang Nga guesthouse became the Crazy House!

Located in the city of Da Lat, Lam Dong Province of Vietnam, this lovely guesthouse, which has been named as the Hang Nga guesthouse, soon became famous as the ‘Crazy house’ purely because of its unconventional concept.

Crazy House

How it started?

This interesting architectural piece basically started as a personal project and wasn’t really planned to be framed as a hotel or a tourist destination. But, once the project was completed, its exceptionality became evident that attracted the visitors from all over the country.

Crazy House

Moreover, the construction of the house involved high expenditure and this financial burden forced Nga to make it public to the visitors.

The inspiration

To create this exceptional house, Dang Viet Nga took cues from fairy tales. The house itself looks like a massive tree seen in the fairytales movies of Tolkien and Disney.

Crazy House

The house showcases plenty of natural forms and animal figures, such as, bear and the giraffe along with cobwebs and spiders that add a pinch of oddity. In addition, a specific portion of the house offers a mystifying maze like feel to it, just opposite the rectilinear.

Crazy House

The replica of a giant tree in the center of the house is inspired from the banyan tree whose roots slowly grasp the house. In fact, to make it look absolutely natural, the windows too are constructed in an uneven form.

Crazy House

Let’s have a look at few more amazing and fascinating images of the house!

Crazy House

The house features ten themed apartments with each one inspired from a specific animal or creature.


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