Do We Have a Responsibility to Future Generations or Do They Owe Us a Debt of Gratitude?

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By Lance Winslow

Well, I hear it all the time, politicians stand up at the podium and they tell us how we need to do certain things today to ensure a great country tomorrow for our grandchildren. And yet, I would submit to you that it is this younger generation who got on their Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks and used those vehicles to vote into office more socialist left-leaning politicians and thinkers. It appears that this up-and-coming group of young people may destroy this great nation in a single generation.

You see, it took blood, sweat, and tears to build the greatest nation ever created, and it’s taken only a short time for our citizens to vote for all sorts of free gifts from the government, expand the size of government, and take away the very freedoms, and liberties that we held so dear. We have spent a lot to maintain our freedoms, and all of that is now being plundered. I ask why? Now then, to get back to the point above; do we really have a responsibility to future generations, or do they really have a responsibility to us and owe us a debt of gratitude?

Indeed, I would submit to you that we owe it to our ancestors to not waste and plunder what they have given us, but to make this nation stronger out of respect for their hard work and efforts. In other words, this generation which is up-and-coming owes the last generation to keep it going, not to waste it and ruin it. When I look at what’s happening to the United States, and the changes which have occurred most recently it almost makes me want to cry to see the disdain and disrespect of freedom, free markets, capitalism, liberty, and all that we stand for.

In fact, I just can’t imagine Americans, regardless of their generation thinking like that, and voting that way. I am absolutely shocked by the misreading of history, the brainwashing from academia, and the insanity of political correctness which has taken hold. It’s as if everyone just got stupid, that the whole society dummied down, and all the humans in America had their brains shrunk. Now then, I’m not saying that our ancestors didn’t make some mistakes along the way, or that our baby boomer generation was perfect.

But I can tell you that what I see now is unacceptable, and we can’t maintain our future progress, or hold on to what we’ve built if we are going to act like children moving forward into that future. It is unfortunate that we don’t teach people financial responsibility, economics, or amortization in high school, and it is equally fascinating that people can graduate from college without a clue as to how this nation works, or why capitalism should be favored over socialism. America seems to have a personal individual responsibility problem which is getting worse every year.

It amazes me that people will complain today when we live in a society and civilization of absolute abundance. We have things today that our ancestors, and the past generations only dreamed of when they were young. Indeed, I can remember when I first started my business, we did not have fax machines, there were no cell phones, and the Internet had not yet been invented. There were only a few channels on TV, and they weren’t all that good. There was a lot more personal sacrifice, and it was expected that everyone put forth an honest day’s work.

Today, our younger folks feel entitled, they want the government to pay for everything, and they want free healthcare, and anything else that a podium pushing politician stands up and promises. Life doesn’t work that way, and it is amazing that folks actually believe that if and when the government gives them something, then it must be free. Of course, for many folks who don’t pay income tax, which is now about 50% of our population, they may actually have a point, it’s free to them.

The other day, I was watching the TV news, and in Germantown, Tennessee there were a group of teenagers, 10 young women who ran into a convenience store, loaded up with bags of goodies, and walked out without paying. They were trying a flash mob technique, all converging in one place at one time. When others were interviewed about what they thought of this thievery, some of the interviewees, and these are regular citizens said; “they were hungry, what do you expect, there are no jobs, and they needed to get something to eat.”

Oh, I see, we have 40 million people on food stamps, it must be pretty easy to sign up if we are giving that many people free food, and these teenage girls couldn’t afford to buy food, so they went in and stole beer, Red Bull, candy bars, Tweenkies, Pop Tarts, and other treats because they were hungry? Yeah right. Well, if that is really how some Americans feel, and generally these folks that think this way are relying on the government, then it’s our own fault for making people weak, discharging them of personal responsibility, and promising to take care of them.

It should be obvious that America has a problem, but due to political correctness, I’m not even allowed in this article to mention what neighborhood those gals came from that engaged in the flash mob criminal activity. We are no longer addressing the realities, and therefore we can’t fix the problem. If we condone looting, and criminal activity of this type, then we shouldn’t be too surprised that people vote for politicians who will come steal money from working-class America through taxation, and give it to those folks who don’t work.

We owe it to our last generation not to throw away what they’ve built. And I’m not so sure what we owe anything to this future generation, which is willing to act like that, demand more free stuff, and coax our politicians into spending the American treasury into oblivion. I’d say we don’t owe them a darn thing, I’d say they owe us a bit of gratitude, and maybe they can start with a little bit of personal responsibility and that has got to start wish some a little discipline and they need to start looking in their own mirror. Please consider all this and think on it.

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank. Lance Winslow believes writing 24,500 articles by August 24th or 25th will be difficult because all the letters on his keyboard are now worn off now..



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