Drive-in sex chalets in Zurich

Authorities in Zurich are trying an innovative way to regulate prostitution by introducing ‘sex boxes’ as discreet solicitation areas. The nine boxes to be unveiled this month in a former industrial estate have been converted at a cost of £1.5 million.

They will be in use daily, from early evening until 5am.

drive-in sex chalets_3

Customers will cruise past a line of 40 prostitutes before selecting one and negotiating a fee.

 They will then drive into one of the wooden sheds, which are hung with safe sex posters.

The boxes are equipped with panic alarms which can be activated if the clients or prostitutes feel in any danger. The sex workers will have to register with a health insurer and buy a ‘work ticket’ each night for £3.50 each night that they work.Prostitution in Zurich will be confined to the booths and two other zones after they open.This is intended to curb the large numbers of prostitutes working in residential areas and in the city centre.

drive-in sex chalets_2Discrete: The drive-in sex booths will open to the public on August 26 in an effort to improve prostitutes’ working conditions
drive-in sex chalets_4 drive-in sex chalets_5Rules of engagement: Clients are shown clearly what acceptable behaviour is, including a ban on photography and more than one customer at a time

drive-in sex chalets_1After passing a checkpoint drivers will follow a marked route past a line of 40 prostitutes before selecting one and negotiating a fee.



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