Elk intimacy with “Leffe the Moose Man”

Gårdsjö Älgpark is an absolutely fantastic experience!


Come and meet the king of the forest in his natural environment for a unique and impressive experience.

Here you can ride a tractor and wagon right out into Sweden’s dense forest to look at elks in their natural surroundings. In places the king of the forest can be seen lying completely quiet and idle in a sunny glade when we ride up.

After a little coaxing, Göta, the elk cow, comes up to the wagon, and she
stands so close that I can stroke her silver-grey muzzle. The guide,
Leif (”Leffe”) Lindh, has a close relationship with all of the animals in the park. He is the first and only person in the world who has swum with these stately animals in their natural environment. Gårdsjö Elk Park is a top excursion pure and simple – a completely Swedish primeval forest experience with an elk guarantee!

Gårdsjö Moose Park is located by Vansjö village between Sala and Uppsala and is the first fenced moose pastureland in the Lake Mälaren region. Here moose roam freely on 16 hectares.  ‘King of the Forest’

‘Moose man’ Leif Lindh feeds a young elk

Visitors get close during the Moose Safari

Leif Lindh and resident elks at årdsjö Moose Park in Southwest Sweden.

Photo: Oliver Gee



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