Fake Chinese External Battery

.With a 24000mAh capacity, this’ll keep me going for ages!

Chinese External Battery_1

There are few things worse for the tech fan of the 21st century than a smartphone running out of juice while out and about. Even newer smartphones start flagging after four or five hours of constant web surfing or video watching, meaning that remembering to pack a charging cable is, for some, almost as vital as the device itself. Thankfully, dozens of electronics makers have responded to this problem by launching pocket-sized mobile batteries that can provide smartphones with a full charge simply by plugging in a cable, keeping users playing games and posting OMFG and LOLZ comments all day long without fear of their gadget falling asleep on them.

We’re not sure that a couple of bags of sand will provide all that much energy, though… A single lithium-ion battery sitting alongside two small bags of sand (no this isn’t something seized from a drug trafficker’s bag) were all that awaited one unfortunate shopper from Taiwan recently upon their purchase of a counterfeit Shenzen external battery. Thanks to the small battery inside, the unit can, technically, be charged, but aside from showing customers in stores or at a marketplace that the unit works, the thing is about as useful as a paperweight.



Chinese External Battery_3I wonder if there’s enough here to build a sandcastle.

Chinese External Battery_4

Remember, boys and girls, if you’re out shopping and you spot a deal that seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Chinese External Battery_5

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