Girls In Dresses and Wind -Very Nice!

The wind gets naughty once in a while too! Can’t have enough of these spontaneous, sexy, dress lifting Oops moments.

Thumbs up.

Girls In Dresses-1

Katy Perry in tidy whities, sexy!

Girls In Dresses-2

Booty alert.

Girls In Dresses--3

She’s looking very comfortable given the situation.

Girls In Dresses--4


Girls In Dresses--5

Kate Middleton’s royal behind.

Girls In Dresses--6

Hot in pink.

Girls In Dresses--7

Tat skirt was barely there, might as well…

Girls In Dresses-8

Jessica Lowndes looking summerlicious.

Girls In Dresses-9

Oh that wind.

Girls In Dresses-10

Khloe Kardashian shows off her fit legs.

Girls In Dresses-11

School girl. Nice!

Girls In Dresses-12

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