Here’s What Apple’s iWatch Might Look Like…

Continuing the current trend of wearable technology, check out this stylish and futuristic iWatch concept designed by James Ivaldi. This sleek watch would feature two separate screens, one being a touch screen for the user’s music, contacts, and apps and another that would simply display the time. The renderings even show a small camera mounted between the two screens for taking photos or Face Timing with someone. Since the design is a constant curve, and would need to be able to flex with the user, the actual possibility of the iWatch being on the market isn’t entirely feasible (yet). However, with the focus on wearable technology, we may see something like it in development very soon.

iWatch Concept-6 iWatch Concept1 iWatch Concept2 iWatch Concept4 iWatch Concept-3 iWatch Concept-5


James Ivaldi’s website
via [Yanko Design]

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