Horrible Delicacy, Chinese Cook Eggs in Virgin Boy`s Urine

With the arrival of spring, the Chinese town of Dounia in Zhejiang Province envelops a strange but familiar to every local resident, a smell – the smell of urine. i know it is really weird, They are preparing it with a popular local delicacy. This is called Tuntszydan which translates as “Egg Boy”.

Now the question is, where does the urine and the boys? Tuntszydan means Eggs, cooked in the urine, This urine must necessarily belong to a boy, a virgin and egg was cooked in it for a whole day. But as local gourmets claim, the eggs turn out very tasty and go with trays like hotcakes at a price of six yuan per share…

1. To prepare the delicacy Tuntszydan, Schools collect the urine of boys up to ten years, exposing this special capacity. In the photo: boy urinating into a bowl of urine in the school toilets. (Reuters / Aly Song)

2. During the day, all the urine is poured into a large capacity and is used to prepare the delicacy. This practice is prevalent in all schools in the city.

3. For cooking it is desirable to use the urine of boys who are not older than ten years. Exact explanation for what is needed is the urine of boys. Usually, the teacher reminds the boys do not go to the bucket if they are sick.

4. Pictured: The seller pours a vat of urine into the pot with the eggs for cooking. “Eggs cooked in the urine, very fragrant,” – it is say by 51-year-old Ge Yaohua, one of the most popular sellers in the Dunyane of eggs. “These eggs are very good for health. Our family eats them every day. In Dunyane every family likes to eat them “- he said.

5. Preparation of eggs takes all day. First, they need to soak, then boil the eggs in the urine. After some time, the shell get hard-boiled eggs begin to pop.Through the crack penetrates into the urine. At this stage, they are left for some time, all steeped in and absorbed a good flavor. Only for an hour or two, the eggs get covered with cracks, we can assume that they are almost ready. In the photo: A girl is watching cooking eggs.


6. The tradition of cooking eggs in the urine of boys goes back hundreds of years. Locals say the eggs cooked in this manner possess miraculous properties for the human body. In the photo: a woman buys a boiled egg in the urine. (Reuters / Aly Song)

7. Eggs sold at 1.5 yuan per share ($ 0.24), ie they cost twice the price of conventional eggs.

8. The locals believe that these eggs have special medicinal value, as the urine contained a substance that helps to reduce body temperature and stop the bleeding. It is also believed that the eggs can improve blood circulation and strengthen immunity.

9. Chinese medical expert to evaluate the different “healing” properties of eggs. Some of them point to the lack of hygiene when it comes to cooked eggs. Tog0 addition, local doctors say that their is nothing good, and healing in the urine, This is waste and are no longer in demand, even harmful to the human body.

10. Residents of the city like this unusual dish: they can eat like 10 eggs a day. Boiled eggs in the urine are used for centuries, since there will always be willingness of people to try them. (Reuters / Aly Song)

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