The Urban Night Club – the Japanese Way

New city night club in the center of Tokyo is a bright defiance of modern youth in contrast to the modern culture of top fashion.
Student project at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, with Professor Ali Rahim and partner Tiffany Dahlen. The urban night club responds to the vibrant and eclectic youth culture of Harajuku and balances the high end fashion of Omontesando. The urban club consists of a large meet and greet entry area, sushi restaurant, sake bar, music lounge and two VIP lounges;  Pockets of unique intensities are held within a white framework, creating zones of spatiality, framework and are embedded within it. They differ from a sweet salivating sushi restaurant to a soft pillowy lounge space.

   Details of the facade

VIP room

Staircase between the floors

The unique design of the place reflects a bit strange and even psychedelic underwater world of cays. The geometry of the landscape charms from the first steps at the entrance to the restaurant.


Sushi restaurant

Lounge zone for a dancing club

Each hall is divided into four sections with some color and motif what allows to be in different worlds. Tokyo citizens positively speak about the new place.

Sake bar

The walls are painted the colors so eccentric, that at the first sight it’s hard to understand where the silhouette of the bar begins and where it ends. It all resembles fanciful carnation petals mixed with elements of coral flowers structure.

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