Pioneer of Body Modification

Pioneer of Physique Modification

Fakir Musafar (born Roland Loomis, August 10, 1930 in Aberdeen, South Dakota) is taken into account the daddy of the fashionable primitive motion.[1] He has experimented on his personal physique with physique modification strategies corresponding to physique piercing, tightlacing, scarification, tattooing, and suspension, and has documented, shared and taught others as a part of his life’s work making him an underground icon in BDSM, kink and fetish communities.

1959, as a fairy genie


1964, physique modification go to the following stage


1965, implantation of stress-free balls on the physique


1966, implanted beneath the pores and skin of the magnets


1982, Fakir Mustafar opens new horizons


1985, coronation of Mustafar


1993, the outdated guard continues to be in service



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