Smart ThinQ diet fridge knows your daily allowance

LG Smart ThinQ Fridge, has definitely cool features: Scan a grocery receipt with your phone and it’ll create an inventory list, or enter your height and weight and it’ll recommend recipes based on what foods you have and how healthy you are.
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The new ThinQ Smart refrigerator, which goes on sale in the UK for around £2,000 later this year, has an in-built dietician, which can be programmed to keep an eye on what you’re eating – and tell you when you’ve made an unhealthy choice.

You can input your BMI (Body Mass Index) and the target weight loss and, using voice recognition, the fridge will tell you whether you’ve made the healthiest choice available or if there’s a better one.

Welcome healthy food to help you lose weight. With the Internet connection, ThinQ can download recipes and then suggest possible alternatives, considering the items you already have in it.

You can even purchase groceries online or, better put, it can do that for you.

As amazing as it may sound, that’s not all the fridge can do: because of the new technology used for the “blast chiller” drawer, it can cool a bottle of wine in just 8 minutes. A can of beer takes even less: just 5 minutes to chill.

No more making a shopping list, a camera inside the device allows you to see what is in your fridge from a mobile phone.

A facility to scan the barcode of every item that goes into the fridge allows the Smart fridge to remember the expiry date of every item inside – and send you a text when each one is nearing its end.




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