Tequila & Rum Pistol

Select your weapon from both the traditional cowboy 6-Shooter, or the extra up to date Glock 9mm and put together to shoot… scrumptious tequila that’s! (Sorry.)

That’s proper; they’re not actual weapons in any respect. They’re stunning bottles of booze.

Tequila shooters

Tequila Guns_2 Tequila Guns_1 Tequila Guns

Rum Buccaneer Pistol

Avast ye landlubber! It’s not truly an vintage pirate pistol. It’s a good looking bottle of booze.

Impressed by piratical pistols from the 17th Century and full of scrumptious Mocambo Darkish Rum, the Rum Buccaneer Pistol is the proper current for a pirate celebration, or should you’re up for a spot of swashbuckling.

Rum Buccaneer Pistol_1 Rum Buccaneer Pistol

Meet the Tequila & Rum Shooters.

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