The grizzly bear and Toyota Sequoia

When Bear Dreams to Become a Driver

A young grizzly bear was walking in the forest when it saw a Toyota Sequoia with the passenger door unlocked. The animal got inside the vehicle. Maybe the bear just wanted to become a driver… but the reality is much crueler.


A strong gust of wind slammed the door shut. The grizzly bear panicked and quickly took the car apart.

The owner of this venicle estimated $60,000 worth of damage.


4 thoughts on “The grizzly bear and Toyota Sequoia

  1. in canada this vehicle starts at 48,000 and goes up to 68,000 and considering the couple was from Calgary Alberta and went to Banff national park, the 60,000 price tag is highly believable. the insurance company put the tag of 60,000 on the vehicle not the guy, this version of the story is flawed.

    research before making ignorant comments…

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