The Salt Cathedral in Zipaquira

Zipaquira – Cundinamarca

It is said that Zipaquira was created because of the salt mines, is one of the oldest city, Zipaquira was founded before the spanish people arrived, the indians used to live 200 meters of his actual location.


 Zipaquira is located 49 kilometers of Bogota. At a altitude of 2652 m.s.l., it has a cold climate with a medium temperature of 15 °C.

Cross at the narthex of the Salt Cathedral.

 Zipaquira main attraction is the salt Cathedral located in the salt park, is a perfect location to see one of the most wonderful engineering work of our country, is also an ideal place to renew or faith. Zipaquira is a place recommended to visit, is consider by some people as the eight wonder of the world.

Zipaquirá Salt Mine Auditorium.

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