Unbelievable Bizarre Earrings…

I know fashion is important but what happens if fashion goes to the odd side, want to see ?then have a look at these unbelievable horrible designs or objects which people are using, i dont know how many of you will wear it or not, let me know your views in comments. have a look….

1.  Lets strat the list with this one.

I know everybody loves Chuck Norris, but wearing him in your ears?
A supporter of U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) was caught wearing Chuck Norris earrings during a campaign event at the Searchlight Nugget Casino in Searchlight, Nevada.

2. How about wearing an ear in your ears?

  3. Dead mice. Most creepy piece of jewelry who can wear this?

  4. With the proper hair arrangement, this cool design is by Marco Rigovacca looks like someone has driven a spike through her ear. There’s actually a thin gold loop that connects the two segments of the “Javelin” earring.

  5. Creepy snake eye earring.

  6. Little bitty blue & white bowls contain a hearty dose of cold remedy: noodles, bits of chicken, carrots, and celery in broth.

Served on an oval plate slightly larger than a quarter, with 3 little saltine crackers. Note: These would make a great gift for your sister who has mono, your best friend who just caught the flu, or anyone who’s feeling out of sorts and needs a whimsical little lift!

  7.  Slit throat choker with blood drop earrings, this is a combination that Edward would love.

  8. Tiny folding knife earrings: You would look “sharp” in these.

9. Custom designed earrings made from Ken doll heads and hands. Very unique, fun, funky, and a tiny bit creepy.

  10. Something about wearing body parts as jewelry Like a serial killer.

  11. Gummy Candies Jar Earrings.  Specially good one for candy lovers.

  12. Etsy seller Elizabeth Kohn made a set of earrings that look like the piranha plants from Super Mario Bros. Ouch! Hopefully these don’t spit fireballs.


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