The writing is on the wall…

Animal rights activists from the group “Animal Equality” are covered with plastic sheets to represent meat packaging as they stage a protest during “Day Without Meat” event in Barcelona, Spain, on March 20, 2013. (Photo by Emilio Morenatti/Lluis Gene/Albert Gea/Associated Press/AFP Photo/Reuters)


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Bloody Meat Packaging _6

An animal rights group has put on a gruesome display in Barcelona to press home its message on World Meat Out Day.

Animal Equality mocked up typical supermarket meat packaging containing blood-covered women.

The group’s aim was to raise awareness of animal rights and to stop people eating meat.


Bloody Meat Packaging _4

Bloody Meat Packaging _9

On the packaging, a label said the woman weighed 72kg, was packaged on 20/03/2013 and was free range.

Animal Equality said: “Covered with artificial blood in large trays six animal right activists were plasticised to protest against animal use for food and called for a vegan lifestyle.

Bloody Meat Packaging _8

Bloody Meat Packaging _2

Bloody Meat Packaging _5

Bloody Meat Packaging _3


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