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Seattle Attractions

When we start thinking about our next vacation we very often wish to think about precisely what kind of theme we would like the holiday to cover. Then we think of what area of the country we may like to check out. If you have I never thought of going to Seattle, Washington, you might like to begin considering it. The Seattle tourist attractions may be each fun and academic to go to.

Seattle is incorporated in the Northwest part of the U . S ., which means you know that if you visit during the winter season you will need to consider the elements. For the reason that part of the country it snows during the winter season. This may be vital that you your vacation plans if you like your vacation activity to become out-of-doors. While winter skiing could be a option for el born area, there are many selections which may be more fascinating should you vacation throughout the hotter part of the year.

In 1962 Seattle was the sight of the World’s Fair. Among the Seattle attractions that was built in that time may be the Space Needle. This is is really a distinctively designed building that’s approximately 600 feet in height. Of all the other building, not only in Seattle but anywhere, this specific building has no rivals in the individuality.

Towards the top of the Space Needle there is a restaurant where you can obtain a spectacular look at the whole Seattle area when you eat some of the best food offered anywhere. The view from the restaurant is continually altering due to the fact that this restaurant makes one full 365 degree revolution all-around its center axis every hour. The speed where the restaurant is moving makes is really slow that you simply can’t hardly feel it going and would not know it had been if it wasn’t for the changing scenery point of view. Everyone ought to make a visit to this restaurant while in the Seattle.

Probably the most diverse of the Seattle sightseeing opportunities may be the EMP Center. This is the place that was built in dedication to Seattle’s greatest know rock and roll star, Jimi Hendrix, and it is positioned just a couple steps from the Space Needle. Besides this being particular attraction focused on researching the intersections of musical creativity and invention, it’s also here to point out the truly amazing music which was took part in the film industry.

The 2 main exhibits for that film market is from Battlestar Galactica and Avatar. Most of the original props is visible only at that exhibit as you pay attention to the music while you wander through. You may also begin to see the only display dedicated to the numerous instruments in the world. This display has over 700 moving devices and you can listen to its music play while you view this floor-to-ceiling exhibit.


Aside from the two Seattle attractions in the above list, there are 4 other sites that are around the “Must See” list for when you visit the Seattle area. They are:

Pacific Science Center, The Seattle Aquarium And The Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour,


The Museum of Flight or The Woodland Park Zoo

The reason I especially point out these Six attractions is you can buy a specific ticket that gains you use of all of them for a price that is 51% less than if you were to visit each one of these independently. This is the kind of cost savings that any traveler would love to have.

If you are looking to visit the most famous Seattle attraction, you will not want to miss out on the Seattle Space Needle. Another attraction you will want to consider visiting is the Seattle Aquarium or the Pacific Science Center Seattle.

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