Weightlifting at nine months pregnant

For most women, being eight and a half months pregnant means taking it easy, sitting back and hoping that Junior will put in an appearance before too long.Not Lea-Anne Ellison. The 35-year-old bodybuilder from Los Angeles has sparked an online storm after posting photos of herself lifting heavy weights on Facebook – with her due date just two weeks away.

Elllison’s photo has already had more than 16,000 comments posted beneath it since it first appeared on 15 September – and the feedback has been very mixed.

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Lea-AnnJanet Fyle from the Royal College of Midwives said: ‘She’s quite far along in her pregnancy so there can’t really be any problem with it, and if she’s always done weightlifting I don’t think it would suddenly bring on early labour.’Obviously we aren’t advising pregnant women to take up weightlifting if they’ve never done it before, but if she’s used to the exercise it’s OK.

‘We always say if women were riding bikes or going to the gym before they were pregnant they can continue to do so, they just need to tell their instructor they are pregnant and then they can adjust the exercises. ‘I understand why people might be concerned, but if the woman doesn’t want to stop doing her exercise that’s fine.


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