Weird Sports: Chess Boxing

We’ve all heard of sporting occasions being described as a chess match, with the rivals strategizing and managing the sport down to each minute element, however this takes the analogy to a complete new degree. Sports activities followers, we offer you chess boxing.

Removed from a yard phenomenon, chess boxing has existed on knowledgeable degree for almost a decade. Originating in Europe, this check of each thoughts and physique has unfold to incorporate golf equipment all around the world. Frankly we will’t consider a better approach to get a concussion…

So, how does it work? Properly, in accordance with the World Chess Boxing Group (WCBO), the game’s sanctioning physique, rivals face off towards one another in six four-minute chess rounds, with 5 three-minute boxing rounds in between. You’ll be able to win with a checkmate within the chess portion, or with a Okay.O. within the boxing portion. Matches final 24 minutes complete, and rivals are given one minute between rounds to vary their gear (we’re guessing that enjoying chess in boxing gloves in all probability wouldn’t work too nicely).

Up to now, the WCBO has topped eight world champions in three completely different weight courses, with one other world championship set to be held in Berlin on June 24th. The game appears to be gaining reputation, and serves as a humble reminder to by no means make enjoyable of the chess crew.



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