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Copehill Down in the English county of Wiltshire may look like a normal English village but it’s different. Copehill Down is a mock-up or, more accurately, a FIBUA – an acronym standing for Fighting in Built Up Areas. It is used by the UK Ministry of Defence to train the armed forces in the art of close quarters combat in an urban area.

Copehill Down_1 Copehill Down_2 Copehill Down_3 Copehill Down_6 Copehill Down_7 Copehill Down_9 Copehill Down_10 Copehill Down_11 Copehill Down_12 Copehill Down_13 Copehill Down_14 Copehill Down_17 Copehill Down_18 Copehill Down_16 Copehill Down_8 Copehill Down_15

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