World’s most expensive toys

You cannot deny it. It is where it all began. Debates were raged, documents prepared, yet human civilization has time and again continued to shy away from the word. The good news is, as the world enters a new era of development-technically, socially or otherwise-the taboos associated with sex are lessening. The visible improvements in the social acceptance of sex can be partly attributed to our celebrity clan. Matching steps with these “wear your heart on your sleeve” celebrities, there is a whole new breed of innovative minds.

Thanks to their brilliant ideas, sex or simply put sex toys are making way out of the closet straight into people’s showcases. So while Eva Longoria goes on record saying “I give Rabbit vibrators to all my girlfriends”, a few experiment crazy souls are putting their heads together to create exquisite  toys that scream of grandeur, art and yes, money. So, from Victoria’s Secret million dollar bras to the overall multi-million dollar lingerie industry built on a backbone of underwires and laceAnd to give you a rare sneak peek into this interesting world, we have prepared a list of the most expensive  toys. On top of the list is a million dollar sex toy meant for the one percent of the world who live by “splash your cash” motto in life.

Gold plated vibrator
Price: $15,000,00
A gold plated vibrator that combines pleasure and elegance in the most attractive package-that is how we can describe this expensive  toy. Bathed in 18 karats of solid gold, the vibrator weighs 5 ounces approximately. Designed to be compatible with the female body, the vibrator features a special egg shaped bend. The exquisite item from the stable of Sweden based Lelo Company comes in a special wooden box. And the best part is, a lock mechanism prevents the vibrator from getting turned on abruptly. The Lelo product is further accompanied by an instrumental booklet and a carrying pouch made of Satin.
Million dollar sex toy
Price: $ 1 million
Their designs had raged storm in the world of luxury items, albeit discreetly. Inspired by the success, Colin Burn together with his business partner Nicole Gallus created this eye catching vibrator that sets you back a whopping $1 million. Named Pearl Royal, the pricey vibrator is cast in solid platinum. The exquisite sex toy is embellished with more than 1000 pink and white sapphires, diamonds and pearls. And so what if the whole set is too “private” to be taken out in open? One of the pearls, which otherwise serves to control the device, can be taken off and fitted on a necklace. An eye brow raising piece, both in terms of price and nature, the vibrator, according to Mr.Burn, is designed as a luxury product for art and erotica enthusiasts. This is the prime reason which kept Burn and his partner from walking down the path of adult stores. And in a surprising revelation, we have discovered that expensive toys like these are actually popular in markets across Asia. After finding stupendous success in the Japanese market, Burn, with his product, moved to the Asia Adult Expo in Macau. A famous fair dabbling in all things erotic, the Expo turned out to be a great place for Burn’s range.
18-carat diamond ring mounted dildo
Price: $ 59,154
Brainchild of a Parisian Jeweler and bathed in white gold, this exquisite dildo features an 18 carat diamond ring. Designed for rich people who want their emotions to be declared in a different way, the  toy is one of the most expensive erotic novelties around. For those who can afford the pricey dildo, the good news is, it comes in different size variations. Underlined by all things synonymous with the word passion, the dildo has an innovative design. Pull it apart and the next thing to grace your palms would be a beautiful ring studded with, hold your breaths now, 177 diamonds!
Doll in memory of dead lover
Price: $23,080
Now here’s something that can prove to be an inspiration for all jilted lovers. Heartbroken men are known to have killed themselves, created robots, landed in asylums. Few, however, have got down to making an entire sex doll designed around his dead or estranged lover. Setting precedents in the category, a fifty year old businessman has created a life size doll resembling his dead lover. Designed over a period of eighteen months, the man had his lover’s photos to fall back on. Over a year’s hard work resulted in a 58 kg doll that features, among other things, life like skin, perfectly placed joints and a titanium skeleton.
Betony Vernon designed Paradise String of pearls massage ring gold
Price: $4,254
Erotic, artful-whichever way you look at it, the String of Pearls Massage Ring is an absolute show stealer. And the best part is, you can actually wear it to a party with no one, save the knowledgeable souls, guessing the reality. Slip your middle finger through, and the $4,254 beauty can become the most interesting part in your passion play.
Betony Vernon designed Paradise Found Spanker
Price: $3,066
A spanker with cherry wood or solid mahogany finish- while to a majority of people, this may sound a bit over the roof, the exclusive spanker is meant for erotica enthusiasts only. The grip provided by the spanker’s handle is something that can leave passion aficionados asking for more.
Dave Stewart designed diamond encrusted dildo
Price: $1,576
If you thought Eurythmics star Dave Stewart is not up to anything significant, co-creating comic strips in his pastime, you are wrong. Two marriages, four children and a successful music career later, Stewart created buzz by announcing his exquisite design, which to some might sound a bit awkward- a diamond studded dildo worth over a thousand dollars. Named Little Steel Tonight Together- the piece is the result of collaboration between the music legend and Jimmyjane-a specialist adult only firm. Done in solid steel, each phallus flaunts a satin finish. And if that wasn’t enough, a ring of twenty-eight diamonds makes Stewart’s pricey dildo worth all the money. Stewart fans, however, might consider getting the sex toy for another great reason. Graced with a guitar pick, you can find lyrics from the famous Stewart number Let’s do it again inscribed on it. In addition to this, you even get a code to download the song. All aspects considered when it comes to buying this innovative Dave Stewart creation, you will have not one two different reasons, or so it appears.
24k gold vibrator by Lelo
Like the most expensive toy in the list, this Vibrator too comes from the stable of Lelo. With a 24 carat gold plating and high end glossy finish, the toy has all the makings of a collector’s delight.
Lady gaga’s diamond studded  toy gift to Beyonce
That new-mommy-in-the-block Beyonce Knowles and Lady Gaga are best of friends is something we have known since ages. The two apparently got close over the making of their controversial Telephone song. Some music video collaborations later on and there was no looking back for the pair of besties. While Knowles and Gaga sure have a gala time in each other’s company, the world and his wife are kept amused by this unusual camaraderie that features an outspoken celeb like Lady Gaga at its very center. We weren’t surprised, therefore, when Gaga turned up at Beyonce’s 29th birthday bash laden with gifts that included, of all things, a diamond studded black leather whip. Scandalous, scandalous, scandalous! That’s all we could say.
Ergonomical cockring
Created by an expert Silversmith from U.K, the cockring represents a smart blend of superior craftsmanship and ergonomic know how. Named JCobra, the Jelle Plantenga creation is designed to serve as a wedding, birthday, or engagement gift, all at one go. So, if you want to spice things up on the D-day with an exquisite cock ring, then dash for this innovative piece.

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