Zombie Walk 2011 in Mexico Sets World Record


‘Zombies’ break record

Nearly 10,000 people dressed as zombies marched in Mexico’s capital on Saturday for a “Zombie Walk,” breaking a Guinness record for the largest gathering of undead, organizers said. The more than 9,600 participants gathered at Mexico City’s Monument to the Revolution, with blood on their faces and burnt or torn clothing, before marching silently to Zocalo square. Guinness World Records currently recognizes the “New Jersey Zombie Walk” in Asbury Park, New Jersey, on Oct. 30 last year as the record holder, but a group from Brisbane, Australia, is also seeking Guinness recognition for gathering 8,000 people there last month.

Mexico City now holds the Guinness Book of World Records’ title for the largest zombie walk in history, following a parade of nearly 10,000 living dead.

People dressed as zombies react to the camera during the V edition of the so-called ‘Zombie Walk’ in Mexico City, Saturday, Nov. 26, 2011. According to the organization ‘Zombie Walk Mexico’, the event gathered over 9,800 participants, breaking the previous record set in Asbury Park, in New Jersey in 2010 with 4,093 participants. Guinness World Records have not officially confirmed if Mexico holds the new record. Photo: Marco Ugarte / AP

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Photo: Marco Ugarte / AP
Photo: REUTERS / Bernardo Montoya
Photo: REUTERS / Bernardo Montoya
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