Zoo Tampa Bay, “Busch Gardens” Got First Baby Giraffe in 2012

The zoo Tampa Bay, “Busch Gardens” got a giraffe calf, born on January 27. Photos of baby and its mother are simply adorable and love, I love her…Just have a look…..


1. The growth of the newborn is 187 cm, weight – 79 kg.

2. His parents – father and mother Kyupid Jafari. For the pope he is the second baby to mom.

3. After the birth of a baby giraffe, zoo population had grown to 19. Just a month before his birth, another female giraffe named Tessa gave birth to a baby on Jaafari, she older sister of zhirafika (incidentally she is also female).

4. Now mother and newborn are away from the visitors, under the close supervision of the rangers who want to make sure that the newborn is well fed and growing.

5. They will join the other giraffes in about three months.

6. The gestation period lasts about 15 months, and the calf should fed milk for about a year.

7. This calf is a part of a successful program of breeding giraffe in a zoo.

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